COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) update, 1 March

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01 March 2020


  • One confirmed case of COVID-19, condition stable and continuing to improve. This was something we’d prepared for and were ready for. The likelihood of community outbreak, linked to this case, is low.
  • Australia has prevented further spread by good public health measures.
  • Positive case contact tracing is ongoing.
  • The number of passengers being contact traced from flight (EK450 arrived Ak 26 Feb) has been revised down to 18 from 20. Contact tracing identifies those potentially in contact and possibly at higher risk of infection. Those 18 are being put in regular monitored self-isolation – to limit spread. Initial contact has been made with all 18. Others on the flight, not close contacts, are being contacted by Healthline or Auckland Regional Public Health Service.
  • Advice the same for anyone coming from a country or territory with community spread of COVID-19: if unwell contact Healthline or if visiting GP call ahead first
  • Our public health campaign, now underway sets out steps everyone can take to protect themselves and limit spread of disease.
  • We’re continuing to take steps to ensure travellers at the border have access to good information. Every person coming into the country will have information about COVID-19 and what to do if they become unwell.  Airlines will make inflight announcements and information provided with the arrival card on board. Measures at the airport remain, enforcing border restrictions, our health presence at the border remains to assess anyone unwell.
  • Healthline feedback is that there is some public confusion about category 1 and 2 countries. More information is available: Case definition of COVID-19 infection
  • Number of tests for COVID-19 is now at 136, one positive result, 11 still under investigation.  A fuller update will be provided tomorrow.

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