Update on New South Wales community case

Media release

05 May 2021

The Ministry of Health’s current assessment is that the public health risk to New Zealand from the New South Wales community case announced today is low.

On that basis the Ministry does not at this stage recommend any change in Quarantine Free Travel between New Zealand and Australia.

Information about locations of interest visited by the case is available on the New South Wales health website.

Anyone in New Zealand who has been at any of the locations of interest at the specified times should contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453, self-isolate and be tested as soon as possible.

Individuals in Australia who were at a location of interest at the specified times should follow New South Wales health advice regarding isolation and testing. The Ministry will be requesting airlines provide this message to be communicated to anyone flying to New Zealand from New South Wales in the next 24 hours.

The Ministry will remain in close contact with its Australian counterparts as the situation evolves.

Anyone planning to travel to New South Wales should take into account that advice from health authorities could change at any time, and be prepared for their travel plans to be disrupted.

An update is expected tomorrow based on results of additional testing and a further public health assessment by New South Wales Health.

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