Minimum requirements defined for digital health services

Media release

27 August 2019

The Ministry of Health is encouraging health organisations to ensure the digital services they use are safe, secure, integrated and reliable, with the publication of minimum requirements for digital, data and technology services they're are expected to meet.  

The requirements also specify that organisations must govern the data they hold in line with data protection and use, privacy, social license and Māori data sovereignty guidelines.

"We know many individual health agencies will use a wide range of technology from many different suppliers," says Shayne Hunter, Deputy Director-General Data and Digital.   

"The requirements strongly signal a move to a more open approach where digital services are cloud based, continually evolve and share data with other services – rather than working in isolation, or only working within an organisation.  

"An open approach, which is the general trend in many Government related sectors, encourages collaboration, reduces duplication and helps maximise existing resources.  

"The requirements reflect the important role of standards and includes those that are already published and and promoted – such as HISO standards and the the Health Information Security Framework - alongside new requirements.  It’s useful to have these in one place and for them to be annually updated as the Ministry has committed to doing."

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