Māori now 90% partially vaccinated

Media release

04 February 2022

The ninety percent first dose milestone was today achieved by Māori across Aotearoa says Patricia Joseph, Equity Group Manager at Ministry of Health’s Immunisation Programme.

“Congratulations to all of our communities, health providers, partners and iwi for their part in this achievement, in particular Māori health providers that operate throughout the motu including some of our most remote regions.

“This is a significant accomplishment that should be celebrated, and speaks to the commitment Māori have to whānau and wider communities”, says Ms Joseph.

“With Omicron now in our communities, the mahi continues, and we don’t stop at 90% first doses. We want as many Māori as possible to get double dosed and boosted to ensure those in all our communities have the best protection possible.

“From our kaumātua seeking boosters through to the parents of our 5-11 year old tamariki, we continue to work hard to ensure all communities have the information and access to the COVID-19 vaccine when and where they are throughout Aotearoa.

“While we have reached 90% first doses for Māori across Aotearoa, we continue to support the regions that are yet to reach their individual communities to get to 90 percent. We are also focused on the importance of whānau Māori being fully vaccinated to ensure the broadest protection, and this includes getting a booster,” says Ms Joseph.

So far, 116,557 Māori have had their booster, which is around 42% of those that have due so far.

Ms Joseph says that two doses proved effective for the Delta variant, but it is clear that we all need a booster if we are going to beat Omicron. “We encourage everyone who had their second dose more than 3 months ago to get their booster as soon as possible”.

“Please encourage your whānau and friends to get vaccinated and get the booster when you can”, says Ms Joseph.

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