21,013 vaccine doses administered yesterday; 63 community cases; 60 people in hospital, 3 in ICU

Media release

11 December 2021

There were 21,013 total vaccine doses administered yesterday, including 2,859 first doses and 9,250 second doses. To date, 94% of eligible people in New Zealand have had their first dose and 89% are fully vaccinated.

While we have seen a drop in case numbers today, we continue to ask everyone in New Zealand to remain vigilant.

Anyone with any symptoms that could be COVID-19 is asked to get a test, even if they are vaccinated.

Be sure to wear a mask or face covering when you’re out and about and keep track of where you have been using the NZ COVID Tracer App, or a manual diary.

Getting vaccinated is the best way for New Zealanders to protect themselves, their loved ones, whānau and communities from COVID-19.

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, get your first dose today.

COVID-19 vaccine update  

  • Vaccines administered to date (percentage of eligible people): 3,946,071 first doses (94%); 3,738,860 second doses (89%); 20,466 third primary doses; 149,651 booster doses
  • Vaccines administered yesterday: 2,859 first doses; 9,250 second doses; 637 third primary doses and 8,267 booster doses.
  • Māori (percentage of eligible people): 489,428 first doses (86%); 424,793 second doses (74%)
  • Pacific Peoples (percentage of eligible people): 266,876 first doses (93%); second doses 246,438 (86%)

Vaccination rates by DHB with active cases (percentage of eligible people)

  • Northland DHB: First doses (87%); second doses (81%)
  • Auckland Metro DHBs: First doses (95%); second doses (92%)
  • Waikato DHB: First doses (93%); second doses (87%)
  • Bay of Plenty DHB: First doses (92%); second doses (85%)
  • Lakes DHB: First doses (91%); second doses (83%)
  • Taranaki DHB: First doses (92%); second doses (86%)
  • MidCentral DHB: First doses (94%); second doses (88%)
  • Whanganui DHB: First doses (90%); second doses (83%)
  • Hawke’s Bay DHB: First doses (93%); second doses (86%)
  • Nelson-Marlborough DHB: First doses (94%); second doses (88%)
  • Canterbury DHB: First doses (97%); second doses (93%)


  • Cases in hospital: 60; North Shore: 11; Auckland: 20; Middlemore: 24; Waikato: 2; Tauranga:2; Nelson-Marlborough: 1
  • Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region wards only): Unvaccinated or not eligible (28 cases / 51%); partially immunised <7 days from second dose or have only received one dose (11 cases / 22%); fully vaccinated at least 7 days before being reported as a case (12 cases/ 22%); unknown (4 cases / 7%)
  • Average age of current hospitalisations: 50
  • Cases in ICU or HDU: 3 (1 in Auckland; 1 in Middlemore, 1 in North Shore)


  • Seven day rolling average of community cases: 99
  • Number of new community cases: 63
  • Number of new cases identified at the border: 2
  • Location of new community cases*: Northland (2), Auckland (53), Waikato (3), Bay of Plenty (1), Taranaki (1)*, Canterbury (2), Southern (1 – historical)*
  • Number of community cases (total): 9,613* (in current community outbreak)
  • Number of active cases (total): 6,661
  • Confirmed cases (total): 12,411*
  • Cases epidemiologically linked (total): 7034


  • Number of active contacts being managed (total): 7320
  • Percentage who have received an outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements): 83%
  • Percentage who have returned at least one result: 76%


  • Number of tests total (last 24 hours): 27,362
  • Tests rolling average (last 7 days): 27,272
  • Auckland tests total (last 24 hours): 11,441


  • Wastewater detections: No unexpected results to report


  • Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday: 3,336,783
  • Manual diary entries in 24 hours to midday: 39,521

My Vaccine Pass

  • My vaccine pass downloads total: 4,115,903
  • My vaccine pass downloads (last 24 hours): 54,487 

New cases identified at the border 

Arrival date 



Positive test day/reason 

Managed isolation/quarantine location 

25 November 



Day 14 / contact of a case*


6 December

United Kingdom


Day 3/ Routine


 Today’s cases

Today, we are reporting new community cases in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, and Canterbury.

The case we are reporting in Taranaki as announced yesterday and is included in today’s official tally.

A case previously under investigation in the Southern region that has been re-classified as historical. This case was announced yesterday and is reported in today’s numbers.

In addition, an Auckland border worker has tested positive for COVID-19 as part of routine surveillance testing. This case remains under investigation and is yet to be classified as either a community or border case. The case has not been included in today’s community case tally but has been added to the tally of total cases to date.

One of the two border cases being reported today tested positive at Day 14 after being identified as a close contact of a previously reported border case in their bubble.

Two previously reported community cases have been re-classified as no longer cases and removed from the overall tally of community cases to date.

Regional updates

We are continuing to ask anyone in New Zealand with symptoms – no matter how mild – to get tested, even if you’re vaccinated. Please remain isolated until you return a negative test result.

Testing and vaccination centre locations nationwide can be found on the Healthpoint website.

Northland update

There are two cases to report in Paihia, Northland today.

Health officials are investigating recent travel to Auckland as the likely source of their infections.

 Anyone in Northland with any symptoms that could be COVID-19 is asked to get a test.

Testing is available in Kerikeri this weekend at 1 Sammaree Place, on today from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and tomorrow from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

A full list of testing and vaccination sites open in Northland can be found on the Northland DHB website.


Today, there are 53 new cases being reported in Auckland. 

Health and welfare providers are now supporting 2,809 people to isolate at home, including 677 cases. 

Auckland Aged Residential Care Facility

A staff member at Aria Park aged residential care facility in Auckland has tested positive for COVID-19.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service and Auckland DHB staff are supporting the residents and staff at the privately-owned facility.

Testing is being undertaken with residents and staff as part of the outbreak management plan.


There are three linked cases to report in Waikato today.

Cases continue to be detected in Te Kūiti and we urge everyone living in or around the town to remain vigilant. Anyone with any symptoms that could be COVID-19 is asked to get a test.

There are six pop-up and dedicated testing sites operating across Waikato today in Hamilton, Taumarunui, Huntly, Te Kūiti, and Ōtorohanga. For a full list of testing sites, see the Waikato DHB website.

Bay of Plenty

Today we are reporting one new case in Tauranga.

This case remains under investigation for any link to previously reported cases.

Contacts are being identified and will be contacted for testing and isolation advice.

Canterbury update

There are two linked cases to report in Christchurch today.

Christchurch testing locations and opening hours are available on the Healthpoint website.

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