Nationwide Service Framework Library

The Nationwide Service Framework Library (NSFL) is a collection of definitions, processes and guidelines that provide a nationwide consistent approach to the funding, monitoring and analysis of services.

A nationwide consistent approach is important to maintain the minimum expectations set by the Ministry, and to enable the comparison of DHBs’ performance.

What is included in the Nationwide Service Framework Library?

The NSFL contains both mandatory and non-mandatory information. All sections of the NSFL are freely available to members of the public.

Mandatory areas of NSFL

Accountability documents

  • Crown Funding Agreement (CFA)
  • Annual Plan and Statement of Intent (SOI) Guidelines
  • Operational Policy Framework (OPF),
  • Service Coverage Schedule (SCS),
  • DHB Reporting Requirements
  • Health Needs Assessment (HNA)

Financial information

  • Financial standards and guidelines: Requirements and guidelines for using financial templates, Common Chart of Accounts, Common Costing Standards
  • Financial planning templates: Annual Plan financial template, Annual Plan revenue reconciliation template, Mental health financial plan template
  • Financial reporting templates: Monthly reporting templates, Quarterly mental health financial report template
  • Reference material: IDF methodology notes, Purchase Unit Data Dictionary
  • Resources: Financial Guidelines for DHBs

Service specifications

  • Purchase Unit Data Dictionary
  • Service Specification Governance
  • Service Specifications Under Review
  • Service Specifications in Final Approval Stage
  • Current Service Specifications

Operational Policy Framework

  • Rules, Principles and Processes for DHBs

Non-mandatory areas of NSFL

Accountability documents

  • Diagrams of DHB Accountability Documents

Financial information

  • Financial Guidelines for DHBs
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