Tupu Ola Moui: The Pacific Health Chart Book 2004

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02 September 2004

Tupu Ola Moui: The Pacific Health Chart Book 2004 has been superceded by Tupu Ola Moui: Pacific Health Chart Book 2012.

The Tupu Ola Moui: Pacific Health Chart Book 2004, is the first comprehensive review of Pacific health since the Public Health Commission carried out such an assessment in 1996. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs jointly compiled this publication. The report provides a stocktake of the health needs of the Pacific population. The report includes information on health outcomes, health service utilisation, risk factors, socioeconomic determinants of health and demographics.

The report shows that, compared to the total New Zealand population, Pacific peoples have poorer health status; are more exposed to risk factors for poor health; and experience barriers to accessing health services. More detail is provided in the form of more than 150 specific health and social indicators.

The purpose of this report is to provide reliable and easily accessible information about key Pacific health indicators to all in a position to make use of such information. The report provides an overview of a wide range of health indicators, but more in depth information about each indicator is given to those who need it by providing a list of sources of further information within each section.

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    02 September 2004
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