Suicide and the Media: The reporting and portrayal of suicide in the media

Published online: 
02 September 1999


Evidence suggests that some ways of reporting and portrayal of suicide in the media may increase rates of suicidal behaviour. The media can therefore contribute to suicide prevention by understanding the aspects of reporting and portrayal that might increase the risk for vulnerable people.

This resource provides information to assist the media to report and portray suicide safely. It outlines some key considerations when reporting suicide, such as:

  • avoid inadvertently glorifying suicide
  • include reliable information and information on where to go for help
  • don’t report detailed descriptions of suicide methods
  • avoid repetition, placing the story on the front page, and the word ‘suicide’ in the headline
  • avoid photographs or dramatic visuals
  • take particular care when reporting suicides by celebrities
  • be aware that people bereaved by suicide are themselves at higher risk

See 'Reporting Suicide: At a Glance' (provided below) for a quick check list of considerations for media when reporting or portraying suicide.

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