Report on the consultation period for the proposal to expand the functions of PHARMAC

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28 July 2010


This report from Dr David Sage, former Chief Medical Officer for Auckland District Health Board, to the Minister of Health provides the outcomes of a period of consultation with the health sector on a proposal for PHARMAC to have a greater role in the assessment, prioritisation and procurement of hospital medicines and a limited range of medical devices.

Dr Sage was invited by the Minister of Health to oversee consultation on this proposal near the end of March 2010. Dr Sage led and facilitated consultation with a range of clinical leaders and their representative organisations during April. Fourteen meetings were held and more than 50 written submissions were received.

The report informed the Government’s consideration of PHARMAC’s future role, and the Cabinet paper the Minister of Health presented to his fellow Ministers is also available for download on this page.

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    28 July 2010
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