The Primary Health Care Strategy

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02 February 2001


A strong primary health care system is central to improving the health of New Zealanders and, in particular, tackling inequalities in health.

The Primary Health Care Strategy was developed in 2001 to provide a clear direction for the future development of primary health care in New Zealand.  Although now somewhat dated it remains a useful document that outlines the specific contributions primary health care makes to improving health outcomes.

The Primary Health Care Strategy followed on from the New Zealand Health Strategy and the New Zealand Disability Strategy. The New Zealand Health Strategy set out principles, goals and objectives for the health system – and these guided the development of the Primary Health Care Strategy.

The Primary Health Care Strategy was developed using the submissions received on a discussion document released in March 2000. That document, The Future Shape of Primary Health Care: A Discussion Paper, can be found on the right in the downloads section.

A Primary Health Care Strategy site has been set up, with information for and about Primary health organisations (PHOs).

ERRATA: Page 3 - Missing Population Health Objective = "Reducing Obesity"

Since the release of the Primary Health Care Strategy the Ministry of health has published a number of evaluations of the Strategy and its implementation. Go to Research and evaluation of primary health care initiatives to find out more.

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