Nursing Services in New Zealand Secondary Schools: A Summary

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02 May 2009


This document summarises the findings in Nursing Services in New Zealand Secondary Schools. View the full report - Nursing Services in New Zealand Secondary Schools.

This study was done to explore the role of the school nurse and school nursing services and to identify the range of services provided. The study also looked at who provided the services and some of the issues for nurses in schools.

There is a link between children and young peoples' health needs and their educational achievements. Health services, often nursing, have always had a presence in schools however little was known about the roles and responsibilities and education of the current school nurse.

Approximately 75% of schools have some level of school nurse available. There are variations in these roles resulting from history rather than geography or socio-demographic location.

About half of all nurses employed in schools are directly employed by schools. There are a range of other models of funding and employment arrangements.

A broad range of services are provided. Nurses play a key role in linking students to a range of other health providers.

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