Nursing Services in New Zealand Secondary Schools

Published online: 
02 February 2009


Health services, often nursing, have always had a presence in schools although these services have often been sporadic. Little is known about the roles, responsibilities and education of current school nurses.

This study explores the role of the school nursing services, to identify the range of services provided and by whom, and to identify some of the issues for nurses in schools.

Key findings

  • Approximately 75% of schools have some level of nursing available. The amount of this service, the qualification levels of the nurses, the funding sources and the services they provide vary considerably.
  • About half of all nurses employed in schools are directly employed by schools. Almost all others are employed by district health boards, about half of these through public health units.
  • Nurses provide a range of services including personal health, referrals to other providers, first aid, health assessments, health education and health promotion.
  • There is no direct relationship between the deprivation rating of the school and the services provided.

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    02 February 2009
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