The National Childhood Immunisation Coverage Survey 2005

Published online: 
02 April 2007


The National Childhood Immunisation Survey 2005 involved interviewing the caregivers of 1563 children aged two to three years old throughout the country from January to March 2005. The study looked at immunisation coverage of the primary series of vaccinations up to the age of two years. Caregiver responses were verified from written records.

The results of the survey provide good estimates of the level of vaccination coverage for two to three-year-olds in New Zealand, information that has not been available since the early 1990’s. This report contains fully immunised and individual vaccine coverage levels for different end points, presented by ethnicity, health region and by DHB where possible. It also contains information on reasons for missed vaccinations and caregiver attitudes and knowledge to immunisation.

The results of the survey are presented alongside background information on the importance of monitoring immunisation coverage levels, the history of monitoring immunisation coverage levels in New Zealand and strategies that can help improve immunisation coverage levels.

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    02 April 2007
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    978-0-478-30778-8 (Book), 978-0-478-30779-5 (Internet)
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    Ministry of Health. April 2007. The National Childhood Immunisation Coverage Survey 2005. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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