Medical Oncology National Implementation Plan 2013/14

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28 August 2013
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The Medical Oncology Implementation Plan 2013/14 comprises three work programmes: service configuration, workforce and service quality. The plan outlines activities for the 2013/14 financial year. While most of the activities in this plan are nationally led, district health boards are expected to work with the Ministry of Health to implement these activities in their regions.

The plan is updated annually. The Cancer Programme Steering Group will monitor its implementation.

The principles guiding this implementation plan are to:

  • maintain high quality of care and improve the quality of life for people with cancer
  • effectively, equitably and sustainably meet the future demand for medical oncology services, given the significant workforce and resource constraints that exist
  • ensure fiscal responsibility.

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    28 August 2013
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    Ministry of Health. 2013. Medical Oncology National Implementation Plan 2012/13. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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