He Ritenga Whakaaro: Māori Experiences of Health Services

Published online: 
02 March 2009


While Māori have lower life expectancy, greater morbidity and higher rates of disability, they have less access to health and rehabilitation services than do non-Māori.

The perceptions of Māori consumers can contribute to understanding how the health system is or is not facilitating their access to health care.

This study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore these perceptions and was funded by the Health Research Council, the Accident Compensation Corporation and the Ministry of Health.

Findings from this research indicate that while most Māori are getting good service from their health professionals, a sizable number of Māori patients feel that health workers have negative attitudes towards them. This means they may avoid seeking healthcare in the future.

This research points to ways to improve Māori patients’ use of healthcare services, by focusing on identifying and improving health providers’ attitudes and behaviours.

The research was also undertaken to test a survey tool with Māori consumers.

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    02 March 2009
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    Jansen P, Bacal K, Crengle S. 2009. He Ritenga Whakaaro: Māori experiences of health services. Auckland: Mauri Ora Associates.
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