Evaluation report: The Sorted Whānau Financial Capability pilot

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01 July 2019
Evaluation report: The Sorted Whānau Financial Capability pilot.


Significance of the research

The report is an evaluation of the Sorted Whānau programme. The programme was developed by Raukura Hauora O Tainui (Raukura), the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) and Malatest International (Malatest). It is based on emerging evidence that financial literacy, education and understanding may encourage improved financial decision-making and longer-term behaviour change for harmful gamblers and those affected by harmful gambling.

Key Findings

The evaluation found that Sorted Whānau provided a safe environment for clients to learn about their core values, identify goals, and gain valuable money management skills and knowledge about financial systems. The positive effects were still apparent at follow up six-plus months after completing the programme and contributed to reduction in gambling harm and a range of other well-being improvements.

The evaluation also provided other valuable insights about the delivery of this type of intervention.  Partnerships with external providers building financial capability may be the best option to maintain a Sorted Whānau type service in a gambling service provider setting. The evaluators suggested the most effective way of achieving this may be including service providers in wider networks to build financial capability. For example, bringing together the interest of the Ministry in minimising gambling harm through promoting financial capability, the Ministry for Social Development’s (MSD) Building Financial Capability Initiative and FinCap in budget advice service delivery for mutual benefit.

Ministry Response to the research report

The Ministry welcomes the evaluation and is actively exploring the extension of the approach with FinCap as suggested by the evaluation. The extension of the service is signalled in Objective Five of the new strategy for the 2019/21 three year period.

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