The Clinical Assessment and Management of Children, Young People and Adults with Down Syndrome

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02 October 2001


This document aims to ensure that the health, developmental, educational and psychosocial needs of individuals with Down syndrome and their families are identified and addressed, and that individuals with Down syndrome receive care that is appropriate, timely and well co-ordinated between primary and secondary care. The recommended clinical practice (RCP) provided here should be used to supplement routine well child and adult care.

This RCP document has been developed mainly for medical health professionals to use with parents and other caregivers to ensure comprehensive and collaborative health care. Inevitably they address the ‘typical’ needs of the individual with Down Syndrome, and do not take into account the differences in personality and achievement that are as varied as they are for all individuals.

In some cases a greater level of care will be necessary. For the individual with more complex needs, this RCP helps to ensure that standard medical screening is not overlooked, especially when responsibilities are shared between primary and secondary care.

The recommendations for medical visits are therefore considered a minimum, and some individuals will have more frequent contact. The recommended GP visits have been planned to coincide with the current immunisation schedule (2001).


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