Cancer: Historical summary 1948–2017

Published online: 
16 September 2020

These tables contain cancer registration and death data for selected cancers by sex, from 1948–2017. Data is presented as numbers and age-standardised rates, for male, female and total population.

The data was extracted on 23 June 2020.

Deaths data for 2017 is provisional. At the time this mortality data was extracted, there were 332 deaths awaiting final coroners’ findings. Of these, 78 deaths had no known cause and 254 deaths had a provisional cause (ie, not yet confirmed). 

Data is sourced from the New Zealand Cancer Registry and the New Zealand Mortality Collection, as well as the Cancer: New Registrations and Deaths publications, Mortality and Demographic data publications and Medical Statistics of New Zealand for data relating to 1948–1960.


In this edition, data for a selection of cancers was extracted and recalculated for the years 1996–2017 to reflect ongoing updates to data in the New Zealand Cancer Registry and the New Zealand Mortality Collection (for example, following the release of coroners’ findings) and the revision of population estimates and projections following each census. For this reason there may be small changes to some numbers and rates from those presented in previous publications and tables.

We have quality checked the collection, extraction, and reporting of the data presented here. However errors can occur. Contact the Ministry of Health if you have any concerns regarding any of the data or analyses presented here, at [email protected]

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