Bowel Cancer Quality Performance Indicator Specifications

Published online: 
01 March 2019

These technical data specifications will help analysts or clinicians seeking to understand the indicator results presented in the Bowel Cancer Quality Improvement Report 2019 and how the indicators were calculated from national data collections.

The quality performance indicators will be used to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with bowel cancer in New Zealand.


Bowel Cancer Quality Performance Indicator Specifications:

Publishing information

  • Date of publication:
    01 March 2019
  • HP number:
    7040 - 7045
  • Citation:
    Ministry of Health. 2019. Bowel Cancer Quality Performance Indicator Specifications. Wellington: Ministry of Health
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    Only soft copy available to download
  • Copyright status:
    Owned by the Ministry of Health and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.
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