Actioning Medicines New Zealand

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02 April 2010


Actioning Medicines New Zealand is the action plan for Medicines New Zealand – the New Zealand medicines strategy. It is not an exhaustive list of actions, but rather shows what can and will be done to deliver Medicines New Zealand outcomes.

This is a living document. The initiatives it contains will change over time. The original Action Plan was published in December 2007. The Hon Peter Dunne released an updated Action Plan in March 2010. The 2010 Action Plan summarised progress since 2007, and identified some new priority areas.

Following on from Medicines New Zealand, Actioning Medicines New Zealand seeks to support the medicines system to deliver:

  • Quality, safe and effective medicines for New Zealanders
  • Access to the medicines New Zealanders need regardless of their individual ability to pay and within the government funding provided
  • Optimal use of medicines resulting in optimal health outcomes.

These outcomes will be implemented through:

  • cross-sector collaboration and stakeholder engagement
  • structures and systems that work well
  • a medicines system that has the capability (financial resources, workforce, infrastructure and knowledge and information) it needs.

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    02 April 2010
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    02 April 2010
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    978-0-478-33960-4 (print), 978-0-478-33961-1 (online)
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    Associate Minister of Health, Minister of Health. 2010. Actioning Medicines New Zealand 2010. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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