Achieving Equity in Health Outcomes – Summary of a discovery process

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30 July 2019
Achieving Equity in Health Outcomes.


This report provides a brief summary of phase one of the Achieving Equity Work Programme: The Discovery Phase. The aim of the discovery phase was to identify where practical and coordinated effort could be undertaken to achieve a measurable shift in health equity in the next three to five years.

Common challenges and opportunities for achieving health equity in Aotearoa/New Zealand have been explored through an examination of the literature, a review of evidence and consideration of what people said needs to be tackled in the health and disability system,

The insights gained through this phase of the achieving equity work programme contribute to a shared understanding of challenges facing the health and disability system in addressing health equity. These in turn highlight opportunities for further collaboration and coordinated practical action.

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    30 July 2019
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    Ministry of Health. 2019. Achieving Equity in Health Outcomes: Summary of a discovery process. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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