Applying for certification

This section provides online application forms and all the supporting information you need to assist you in making an application for certification under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001.

You can for apply for certification online by visiting the Provider Regulation website.

With the online forms you can:

  • register a new legal entity that wishes to apply for certification
  • apply for a new certificate, for example, if you are buying a provider or developing a new site
  • renew an existing certificate
  • apply for additional services on an existing certificate or notify the Ministry if you are moving premises

Routine certification audits during COVID-19 pandemic 

Due to impact from COVID-19 pandemic, all routine audits (certification and surveillance) scheduled to occur from 23 March 2020 up to and including 30 September 2020 are cancelled. 

Certification audits: all certified services

If you have a certificate expiring up to (and including) 30 September 2020, the Ministry of Health will extend your period of certification by up to 12 months, ie if your current certificate expires 9 August 2020, your period of certification may be extended to 9 August 2021. 

We have been unable to change the functionality of our Provider Regulation Monitoring System (PRMS) database. This means you may continue to receive automatically generated emails reminding you to apply on-line for certification that has been cancelled. Please ignore these “Expiry of Certificate to Provide Health Care Services” notifications for the interim. If you receive one of these reminder notifications, please do not make the application and payment for the invoice. HealthCERT will advise you of future actions in respect of applying for certification. If you have already applied for your 2020 certification and paid the invoice, please notify HealthCERT by emailing

Surveillance audits

  • Unannounced surveillance audits: if you are scheduled to have an unannounced surveillance audit three months either side of 31 July 2020, the surveillance audit will be cancelled.
  • Announced surveillance scheduled up to 30 September 2020 will be cancelled.
  • Developmental Evaluations scheduled up to 30 September 2020 will be cancelled.

If the Ministry of Health (the Ministry) and/or your funder learns that the quality of the certified health and disability services being provided is compromised, an audit may be required. This audit may be either be an unannounced inspection conducted by the Ministry, or a scheduled audit undertaken by your Designated Auditing Agency. 

Providers with certificates expiring 1 October 2020, and those with surveillance audit requirements outside of the dates above, will be considered in July 2020.

User manuals

Video tutorials and frequently asked questions

View video tutorials and frequently asked questions for the online forms.

If you need further assistance

If you are unable to submit an application online please contact us for assistance.

Notifying of a reconfiguration or increase in capacity

Note that no application is required for a reconfiguration or extension to an existing site, where you are not changing the services certified.  In this situation please see the Applying to reconfigure and/or increase capacity section

Supporting information

The Act and relevant Standards

Information on the Act and relevant Standards that will help your prepare for certification is available on the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 page.

Required supporting documents and payment

  • Payment of the application fee of $419.11.  An invoice will be emailed to your organisation’s contact person as part of the online application process.
  • An audit of the services to be provided by a designated auditing agency.

Additional supporting documents for new providers

If purchasing an existing service, then written confirmation will be required from the solicitors acting for you that settlement has taken place.  This will have to occur after the Ministry has given you a letter of intent to certify, following the audit undertaken by your designated auditing agency.

Designated auditing agencies

An auditing agency that has been designated by the Director-General of Health needs to be chosen by the provider. The designated auditing agency you choose must be designated to audit the kind of health and/or disability service you provide or intend to provide. View a list of designated audit agencies.

When you apply for certification you will need to include the name of the designated auditing agency you have contracted to audit your service/s against the relevant standards.

When your designated auditing agency has completed audits of the service/s you provide, or intend to provide, the agency will provide a copy of the report to you and the Ministry of Health. The auditing agency also may undertake, at the same time, an audit against your service contract for the Ministry of Health if applicable.

Healthcare services

The services you may apply to be certified to provide are:

  • Hospital Care
    • Children's Health Services
    • Surgical Services
    • Medical Services
    • Maternity Services
    • Mental Health Services
    • Geriatric Services
  • Rest Home Care
  • Residential Disability Care
    • Intellectual Services
    • Physical Services
    • Sensory Services
    • Psychiatric Services
  • Fertility Services

Application processing

The Ministry of Health will make an assessment for the purposes of satisfying the Director-General of Health that your health and/or disability service meets the relevant standards and the requirements of the Act.

This assessment will entail a review of:

  • your application for certification
  • the audit report with any corrective actions to be taken
  • other relevant matters held by the Ministry of Health.

Once all the requirements for certification are met, you will be issued with a certificate for the services you provide. The Ministry of Health requires 20 working days, from the date of receipt of all required documentation/information from you and your designated auditing agency, to process your application and issue a certificate. Please take this into consideration when deciding to apply. Consult with your auditing agency well in advance to schedule your audit.

Information to be provided to the Director-General of Health

Once certified it is important to be familiar with the information you are required to provide to the Director-General during your period of certification.
A certified provider must advise the Director-General of Health in writing of any of the following events in accordance with Section 31 of the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001:

  • changes to the contact details for your organisation
  • new fixed locations at which services are to be offered
  • changes in membership of ’s governing body
  • serious incidents that have or may put at risk the health or safety of  people for whom services are being provided
  • police investigations related to the service or the premises where  services are delivered
  • death of a person to whom you provided services that is required to be reported to a coroner under the Coroners Act 2006.

Please ensure you take the time to familiarise yourself with the full details of section 31 of the Act, which details the information that must be provided.

Expiry of certification

Before your certification expires you will need to arrange with your auditing agency for an audit to be completed, and make an application for re-certification. You will need to allow adequate time for this audit and certification process. If your initial certification expires before new certification is approved, you will not be legally entitled to continue to provide the services.

The Ministry of Health requires 20 working days from the date it receives all required documentation/information from you and your designated auditing agency. Please take this into consideration when deciding when to apply. Consult with your auditing agency well in advance to schedule your audit.

Further information

If you require any further information or advice please contact us.


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