Audit report templates and utility

The audit report templates are made available to Designated Auditing Agencies to record the results of audits of certified providers. The audit report utility is a companion to the audit report templates and allows reports from multiple auditors to be merged.

Information about the audit report templates

The Audit Report Templates include macros that summaries the results, populates CAR summaries and creates copies of the report for sending to the client. To use the templates users will need to enable macros, either each time the use the template, or in their overall word settings.


When conducting an audit of a provider, auditors should use a template downloaded directly from the PRMS. This will ensure that it:

  • is the right type of template for the provider (in almost all cases)
  • is the latest version of the template, and
  • contains the correct names of the provider, premises and services.

However, blank templates are available for auditors to use prior to the audit case being available in PRMS, or for those rare situations where another template may be required due to a particular service mix (eg, an aged care provider providing mental health services as well). These templates can be accessed via the links below.

Aged care providers

Download the Aged care providers audit report template (.docm 438 KB)

Other HDSS providers

Download the Other HDSS providers audit report template (.docm 512 KB)

Fertility service providers

Download the Fertility service providers audit report template (.docm 542 KB)

Home and Community Support service providers

Download the Home and community support service providers audit report template (.docm 281 KB)

Audit report utility

The Audit report utility is a companion to the Audit Report templates, and can provide you with the ability to copy the results of one file into another, merging the results.

Download the Audit report utility (.docm 94 KB)

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