Abortion legislation: information for health practitioners

Information about changes in the abortion legislation and what these changes mean for health practitioners.

Find information about accessing abortion services on the DECIDE website or by calling 0800 DECIDE (0800 332433)

  • Changes were made to the abortion law in 2020 to better align the legislation with that of other health services.
  • These pages have information about what these changes mean for health practitioners, including training and support to become an abortion provider.
  • Work is underway to support more accessible and equitable abortion services.
  • Guidance for practitioners currently providing abortion services can be found in the New Zealand Abortion Clinical Guideline.
  • For those providing abortion counselling, visit the Standard for Abortion Counselling in Aotearoa New Zealand for further information on what abortion counselling means.

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In this section

  • On 24 March 2020 changes were made to the law to decriminalise abortion, better align the regulation of abortion services with other health services and modernise the legal framework for abortion services in New Zealand. Read more
  • The Ministry has a programme of work in place to deliver the transformation of abortion services. Read more
  • DECIDE, the national abortion telehealth service, is part of the ongoing work to improve timely and equitable access to abortion services. Read more
  • A wider range of health practitioners are now able to provide abortion services in a wider variety of settings. Training is being developed to support this workforce. Read more
  • This page outlines what information the Ministry collects, what health practitioners need to report and the reporting process. Read more
  • The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Act 2022 means a ‘Safe Area’ may be created around an abortion service provider’s premises. Certain behaviours are prohibited within a Safe Area. Read more
  • Subscribe to the Abortion Services newsletter for the latest updates from the work programme. Read more
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