Preventative health/wellness

This section contains information on a variety of preventative health topics, listed below.

In this section

  • This section provides resources for the health sector on implementing violence intervention programmes, and reports on their effectiveness. Read more
  • Water fluoridation is a proven public health measure to reduce dental caries. This section provides information about fluoride and its importance for oral health. Read more
  • Healthy Families NZ is a large scale initiative which aims to improve people’s health where they live, learn, work and play, for the prevention of chronic disease. Read more
  • Healthy Homes Initiatives (HHIs) work with families, agencies and local partners to provide education and access to interventions which will create warm, dry and healthy homes. Read more
  • Information about immunisation in New Zealand, including the National Immunisation Schedule and immunisation programme decisions. Read more
  • The Mobility Action Programme (MAP) is funding a range of programmes for people with musculoskeletal health conditions so that people have improved health outcomes. Read more
  • The Ministry ensures that nutrition recommendations have a sound evidence base. Find the Food and Nutrition Guidelines, recommended nutrient intakes and more. Read more
  • This section provides oral health resources for health professionals and the public. Read more
  • Being active helps people live longer, healthier lives. Find the physical activity guidelines and learn about the Green Prescription programme for reducing inactivity. Read more
  • The National Screening Unit runs screening programmes for bowel, breast and cervical cancer, newborn hearing and metabolic disorders. Read more
  • Information and resources on sexual and reproductive health. Read more
  • Social bonds are a way of contracting to achieve specific social sector outcomes. The Ministry is leading the pilot of social bonds in New Zealand. Read more
  • The Social Sector Trials are a community-based approach to improving the way government plans, funds, and delivers social services. Read more
  • Advice for health professionals on delivering health services to transgender people. Read more
  • The Ministry of Health is the key agency for policy development in the tobacco control area and is involved in a large number of policy, service development and operational aspects of tobacco control. Read more
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