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Quick guide to oral health services

Find out what oral health services you and your family can get – covers preschoolers, school-age children, teenagers and adults.

Something to Smile About

[Two kids in their school playground]

Boy: Are you part of our free dental service?

Girl: It’s for all of us from zero to your 18th birthday.

Boy: Kids need healthy teeth that don’t hurt

Girl: so we can eat, talk, learn and smile.

Boy: Let’s go!

Girl: When we’re at school and the dental van comes [kids approach van with the ‘Bee Healthy Regional Dental Service’ logo on it] we climb on board for an examination.

Dental therapist: Hi, I’m Grace.

Boy: Hi.

Dental therapist: So who wants to go first?

Boy: Me! [Boy sits in chair and gets given dark glasses to wear.]

Girl: The dental therapists are very friendly and dress up like super heroes. [Dental therapist with face shield on, putting on her gloves.] They have heaps of gadgets and are always telling us what they’re doing. [Therapist picking up dental mirror and starts doing the boy’s check-up.] It’s all to keep our smiles looking good.

Boy: Baby teeth are important too. [Toddler playing with toys at waiting room of community clinic.] Mums and Dads can visit the dental service in our community with babies or toddlers [A mum takes her two kids into the exam room and one of the kids gets her check-up.]

Girl [standing with older brother]: My big bro sees a dentist every year too. He goes to a dentist in our neighbourhood who sees teenagers. [Brother walking down the road to dentist, and in to talk to the receptionist.]

Boy: If you want to know who you can see for free, go to the website [www.beehealthy.org.nz] or give Bee Healthy a call on 0800 TALK TEETH [0800 825 583].

[A large group of kids all together at the playground.]

Boy: We’ve got a free dental service.

All together: Now that’s something to smile about!

Girl: Thanks for watching.

Boy: Kia kite ano.

Something to Smile About is a short film about free dental care for kids and teens from the Wellington Regional Dental Service. Dental care is free for New Zealand kids until their 18th birthday – call 0800 Talk Teeth (0800 825 583) to find out about the dental service in your area.

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