Data sources and ICD-10-AM codes

Source (agency or collection) Data Period Type of data
Table A1.1: Data sources for numerators
Ministry of Health Mortality Collection Data Set (MORT) – mortality 2010–12 National collection
National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) – hospitalisations* 2012–14 National collection
New Zealand Cancer Registry (NZCR) – cancer registrations 2010–12 National collection
Statistics New Zealand Low birthweight, live births 2010–12 Birth registration
Life expectancy 1951–2013 Life tables
Disability 2013 Survey
Demographics 2013 Census
Population projections 2015–30 Official estimates
Socioeconomic indicators 2013 Census
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR) Meningococcal disease notifications 2013 Notifications
Tuberculosis notification 2014 Notifications
New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) Risk and protective factors, disease prevalence, health service use and self-rated health 2013/14 Survey
Racism 2011/12 Survey
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Snapshot Survey Smoking prevalence for youth 2014 Survey
Community Oral Health Service Oral health data for age 5 and year 8 2013 Administrative

*     Short stay Emergency Department (ED) events were excluded.

Condition ICD-10-AM code
Table A1.2: Amenable mortality codes
Pulmonary tuberculosis A15–A16
Meningococcal disease A39
Pneumococcal disease A40.3, G00.1, J13
Stomach C16
Rectal C19–C21
Bone and cartilage C40–C41
Melanoma of skin C43
Female breast C50
Cervical C53
Prostate C61
Testis C62
Thyroid C73
Hodgkin lymphoma C81
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia* C91.0
Complications of pregnancy O00–O96, O98–O99
Complications of the perinatal period P01–P03, P05–P94
Cardiac septal defect Q21
Diabetes E10–E14
Valvular heart disease I01, I05–I09, I33–I37
Hypertensive diseases I10–I13
Coronary disease I20–I25
Pulmonary embolism I26
Heart failure I50
Cerebrovascular diseases I60–I69
COPD J40–J44
Asthma J45–J46
Peptic ulcer disease K25–K27
Cholelithiasis K80
Renal failure N17–N19
Land transport accidents excluding trains V00**, V01–V04, V06–V14, V16–V24, V26–V34, V36–V44,
V46–V54, V56–V64, V66–V74, V76–V79, V80.0–V80.5,
V80.7–V80.9, V82–V86, V87.0–V87.5, V87.7–V87.9,
V88.0–V88.5, V88.7–V88.9, V89, V98–V99
Accidental falls on same level W00–W08, W18
Fire X00–X09
Suicide X60–X84
Treatment injury Y60–Y82

*     Age 0–44 years.

**   Includes V00 as used version VI of ICD-10-AM.

Condition ICD-10-AM code
Table A1.3: Ambulatory-sensitive hospitalisation codes
Angina and chest pain* ^ I20, R07.2–R07.4
Asthma J45–J46
Bronchiectasis* J47
Cellulitis H00.0, H01.0, J34.0, L01–L04, L08, L98.0
Cervical cancer* C53
Congestive heart failure* I50, J81
Constipation K59.0
Dental conditions& K02, K04–K05
Dermatitis and eczema L20–L30
Diabetes* E10–E14, E16.2
Epilepsy* G40–G41, O15, R56.0, R56.8
Gastroenteritis/dehydration A02–A09, R11, K52.9
Gastro-oesphageal reflux disease (GORD) K21
Hypertensive disease* I10–I15, I67.4
Kidney/urinary infection** N10, N12, N13.6, N30.9, N39.0
Myocardial infarction* ^ I21–I23, I24.1
Nutrition deficiency and anaemia D50–D53, E40–E46, E50–E64, M83.3*
Other ischaemic heart disease* ^ I24.0, I24.8–I24.9, I25
Peptic ulcer* K25–K28
Respiratory infections – pneumonia J13–J16, J18
Rheumatic fever/heart disease I00–I02, I05–I09
Sexually transmitted infections* A50–A60, A63–A64, I98.0, M02.3, M03.1, M73.0–M73.1, N29.0, N34.1
Stroke* ^ I61, I63–I66
Upper respiratory tract and ENT infections J00–J04, J06, H65–H67
Vaccine-preventable disease – meningitis, whooping cough, hepatitis B, pneumococcal disease, other*** A33–A37, A40.3, A80, B16, B18
Vaccine-preventable disease – MMR**** B05, B06, B26, M01.4, P35.0*

*        Applicable ages ≥ 15 years.

**      Applicable ages ≥ 5 years.

***    Applicable ages = 6 months to 15 years.

****   Applicable ages = 15 months to 15 years.

^        Weight = 0.5.

&            Includes elective events.

Condition ICD-10-AM code
Table A1.4: ICD-10-AM codes used in this report
Diseases of the circulatory system (total cardiovascular disease) I00–I99
     Acute rheumatic fever I00–I02
     Chronic rheumatic heart disease I05–I09
     Ischaemic heart disease I20–I25
     Heart failure I50
     Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) I60–I69
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) J40–J44
Asthma J45–J46
All revascularisation (CABG and angioplasty) heart disease procedures 3530400, 3850500, 9022100, 3530500, 3531000, 3531002, 3849700, 3849701, 3849702, 3849703, 3850000, 3850300, 3849704
Diabetes E10–E14
     Diabetes complications with renal failure E10.2, E11.2, E12.2, E13.2, E14.2
     Lower limb amputation with concurrent diabetes E10–E14 together with 4433800, 4435800, 9055700, 4436100, 4436400, 4436401, 4436101, 4437000, 5023600, 4437300, 5023300, 4436700, 5023602, 4436701, 4436702
Total cancers C00–C96, D45–D47
     Stomach cancer C16
     Colorectal cancer C18–C21
     Liver cancer C22
     Lung cancer C33–C34
     Prostate cancer C61
     Breast cancer (female only) C50
     Cervical cancer C53
     Uterine (uterus) cancer C54–C55
Sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) R95–R96, R98–R99, W75, W78–W79
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) R95
Unintentional injuries (accidents) V00–X59
     Motor vehicle accidents V02–V04, V09.0–V09.3, V12–V14, V19.0–V19.6,
V20–V79, V80.3–V80.5, V81.0–V81.1, V82.0–V82.1, V83.0–V83.3, V84.0–V84.3, V85.0–V85.3,
V86.0–V87.8, V88.0–V88.8, V89.0, V89.2, V89.9
     Falls W00–W19
     Drownings and submersions W65–W74
     Suffocation W75–W84
     Poisonings X40–X49
Suicide and self-harm X60–X84
Assault and homicide X85–Y09
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