Quality improvement

Māori should have equitable health outcomes through access to high-quality health and disability services that are responsive to their aspirations and needs.

Quality improvement involves simultaneously implementing 3 quality dimensions:

  • improved quality, safety and experience of care
  • improved health and equity for all populations
  • best value for public health system resources.

Quality improvement in practice

Towards cultural competency

‘[It makes] it easier for us to fulfil their needs and improve health overall.’

In March 2015, the Māori Health team from Lakes District Health Board arranged a training day that was designed to build cultural competency and support staff to be more effective in the community.

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Turanga Health unites with agencies to support a māmā and her pēpi

‘It was about how to best wrap support around her to meet her needs.’

Turanga Health is a Māori health provider in Gisborne. In this story, they discuss the benefits of working across agencies to provide a united approach to patient care. It’s a great example of how providers can be innovative in their approach to quality improvement. Read more

More information

The Health Quality & Safety Commission
The Health Quality & Safety Commission was established under the New Zealand Public Health & Disability Amendment Act 2010 to ensure all New Zealanders receive the best health and disability care within our available resources.

Best Practice Advocacy Centre New Zealand (bpacnz)
An independent, not-for-profit organisation that delivers educational and continuing professional development programmes to medical practitioners and other health professional groups throughout New Zealand.

Foundations in Cultural Competency
This course was developed for the registered New Zealand health workforce and provides a basic understanding of cultural competency and health literacy in New Zealand. Māori health is highlighted throughout the course due to the significant health disparities that exist in Māori communities.

Roadmap to Reduce Disparities
A US guide for health care organisations to improve minority health and foster equity, which includes a 6-step framework for incorporating disparities-reduction into quality improvement processes.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is an international website that provides a source of knowledge on health care improvement.

The Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care
An international website that focuses on integrating the concepts of partnership with patients, families, and health care professionals into all aspects of health care, providing sources of information on patient and family-centered care.

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