Direction 1: Māori aspirations and contributions

While He Korowai Oranga is a Government strategy, it recognises that Māori, as individuals and as part of a whānau, hapū or iwi, have their own aspirations for health. Achieving these aspirations is a critical part of improving outcomes for Māori.

Māori contribute significantly to the health and disability sector – as individuals partnering in their own care, as a key part of the health workforce, and as contributors to district health board (DHB) decision-making and service delivery. These varied roles help the health system to perform well and meet its targets. He Korowai Oranga seeks to build on this further.

Direction 2: Government aspirations and contributions

The Government is committed to making the health system work for all New Zealanders. A significant portion of the annual budget is allocated to Vote Health for this purpose and 20 DHBs, established under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000, have been set up with this clear expectation.

As part of working well for everyone, the health system needs to demonstrate that it is achieving as much for its Māori population as it is for everyone else. For example, among the responsibilities of DHBs are to:

  • reduce disparities between population groups
  • improve Māori health
  • ensure Māori are involved in both decision-making and service delivery.
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