Offshore Gambling by New Zealanders Study

Research organisation: Auckland University of Technology
Principal researcher: Dr Maria Bellringer

Contract value: $38,815
Contract start date: 1 July 2015
Contract end date: 30 October 2015.

Summary of project/aims


There is growing interest in the level of participation and expenditure of New Zealanders gambling on offshore (overseas) gambling sites (particularly by online or other remote interactive methods such as telephone, interactive television or through the post).


To examine, over a three year period, offshore gambling (land-based and online/remote interactive) by New Zealanders, with a focus on offshore horse/dog race and sports betting.  Additionally, New Zealand (NZ) land-based and online/remote interactive methods of access for the same modes of gambling were examined. 


Secondary analyses were conducted of data collected from the first three waves of the New Zealand National Gambling Study (2012, 2013 and 2014). The data covered gambling online or remotely on overseas sites or with New Zealand sites (e.g MyLotto, TAB).  This covered offshore sports and track betting, online poker, and other offshore gambling activities.

Final reports

The final report on the Offshore gambling by New Zealanders Study is available from the downloads section of this page, along with a  summary of findings.

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