A Study for Community Level Harm from Gambling

Research Organisation: SHORE
Primary contact: Sally Casswell

Contract Value: $450,000 (excl GST)
Contract Start date: 1 August 2009
Contract End date: 20 December 2013

Summary of project/aims

This project aims to identify the impact of gambling on communities as a whole, how to measure the impact of gambling on community well-being or how to address gambling related community based harm.

The project will entail three main phases:

  • Phase one: identification of measures and information sources that show community level change in relation to the growth of and change in gambling opportunities
  • Phase two: identification and development of a range of evidence based public health activities identified as being effective for producing positive changes in community level measures to be trialed in phase three
  • Phase three: piloting of public health initiatives identified in phase two in collaboration with Ministry of Health funded problem gambling providers contracted to deliver public health services.
  • proposed projects, data collection, analysis and final report.

Final Report:

Final Report for Phase One: Report finalised on June 2010.

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