Investigation of the Influence of Gambling Venue Characteristics on Gambler’s Behaviour

Research organisation: Opus Consulting
Principal researcher: Jared Thomas

Contract value: $96,000
Contract start date: 30 April 2010
Contract end date: 31 May 2012

Summary of project/aims

International research indicates that different aspects of the gambling environment, including venue design can mitigate the harm minimisation and host responsibility initiatives in place.

The Ministry is seeking services to investigate the effect of venue characteristics on both problem gamblers’ and recreational gamblers’ gambling behaviour.

This research will enable assessment of the impact of gambling venue characteristics on:

  • player satisfaction and enjoyment
  • player behaviour
  • player expenditure
  • player awareness of their expenditure, time spent playing and control over gambling
  • risk factors associated with onset or maintenance of at-risk and problem gambling
  • the perceptions of self-identified problem gamblers on the characteristics that have influenced the development and severity of their problems with gambling.

Final report

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