The Impacts of Gambling (including PG) on Māori Communities

Research Organisation: Te Runanga o Kirikiriroa (
Principal Researcher: Naina Watene

Contract Value: 150,000.00 (excluding GST)
Contract Start date: 01 October 2006
Contract End date: 31 October 2007

Summary of project/aims

The aim of this project was to carry out a formative investigation of the impacts of gambling (including problem gambling) on Māori communities/whānau/hapū/iwi. It is well established that Māori are disproportionately affected by problem gambling, and the purpose of this project is to develop a better understanding of the range and nature of the impacts of gambling on Māori.

It was intended that this project would inform ongoing service and policy development and be informative for the ongoing direction of research and the development of methodologies for monitoring gambling harm in New Zealand.

Final Report: Report finalised on 10 March 2009

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