NZMAT code of conduct

At registration it is important that potential NZMAT members are aware of the following requirements for conduct during deployment.

All NZMAT personnel must understand that under a nationally endorsed deployment, they are representing the New Zealand Government. This applies both in the performance of official duties and in the manner in which they conduct themselves as private individuals.

At the registration stage it is important that potential NZMAT personnel are aware that their visibility and status as foreign officials means that their actions will be subject to greater scrutiny than they would be at home. They may also face dilemmas in the area of personal conduct which do not arise in New Zealand, whether in social, cultural, financial or personal settings.

The NZMAT Code of Conduct outlines behaviours considered unacceptable while on deployment and NZMAT members are required to acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to adhere to the NZMAT Code of Conduct while on deployment.

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