COVID-19: Elimination strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand

Last updated 24 June 2021


Our elimination strategy is a sustained approach to keep it out, find it and stamp it out. We do this through:

  • controlling entry at the border
  • disease surveillance
  • physical distancing and hygiene measures
  • testing for and tracing all potential cases
  • isolating cases and their close contacts
  • broader public health controls depending on the alert level we are in.
  1. The Government's overall public health strategy in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting New Zealand is elimination. That is, to apply a range of control measures in order to stop the transmission of COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  2. Elimination does not mean eradicating the virus permanently from New Zealand; rather it is being confident we have eliminated chains of transmission in our community for at least 28 days and can effectively contain any future imported cases from overseas.
  3. It is accepted that this approach will be needed in the long term ie, for many months or longer, depending on the emerging epidemiology and evidence around the disease and its management and progress with developing safe and effective treatments and/or vaccines.
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