SNOMED CT is the comprehensive clinical terminology , owned and distributed by SNOMED International, that is used around the world and as a standard for quality information in the New Zealand health and disability system.

What is SNOMED CT?

  • SNOMED is a system of over 340,000 concepts and terms developed by clinicians and health researchers to accurately and consistently represent clinical information
  • It enables consistent communication of health information between providers and settings
  • It is mapped to other international terminologies and classification systems
  • It is used in SNOMED International’s 40 member countries and many others.

What is SNOMED CT used for?

  • Clinical documentation at point of care
  • Electronic health records
  • Electronic communication of health information
  • Real time clinical decision support
  • Supporting evidence based care
  • Health pathways
  • Health data analytics.

How does SNOMED improve the use of information?

This article by Dr Charles Gutteridge at Barts Health NHS Trust explains some of the benefits of SNOMED: Speaking a common language: driving interoperability using SNOMED.

SNOMED is a standard for the health and disability system

SNOMED is required by the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) as a standard for the health and disability system.

For more information on SNOMED CT visit SNOMED International

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