Contributing to the mahi

People, whānau and communities are at the heart of our health system.

We can’t deliver the right treatment services or achieve the right outcomes without putting people, communities and whānau at the centre of our thinking, planning and service delivery.

We need to listen to everyone who interacts with the broader health system, including people who we don’t normally hear from, who don’t see themselves reflected in the health system, or who are not well served by it.  

We have specific obligations to Māori, and we must also listen to the voices of people we know have experienced poorer health and wellbeing outcomes. 

We know we have not done this well in the past and we are committed to doing it better now. 

We need your help and input as these strategies are being drafted – so that we can better address the inequities and variation we have seen across the health system. 

There will be different ways to share your aspirations and experiences of health and wellbeing in Aotearoa. These will include fono, in person meetings, workshops, focus-groups, wānanga, surveys, submissions and community outreach.

Tātou – our online discussion space

Tātou is Manatū Hauora’s online discussion platform. You can visit Tātou anytime you like, as many times as you like, to have your say.

Right now, we want to know about your experiences of good health and what helps or gets in the way of being or feeling well and healthy. We’d also like to hear your thoughts about the future and how we can make sure the people who come after us will enjoy good health and wellbeing.

Sharing your ideas will help us understand problems and think about solutions. 

Visit Tātou to share your thoughts and ideas now.

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