Health targets

Health targets are a set of national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services that reflect significant public and government priorities.

Update on status of national health targets: development of new measures

The Government has directed the Ministry of Health to develop a new set of performance measures to improve health outcomes for New Zealanders.

The new focus will be on population health outcomes and will ensure that health resources are used optimally. The objective is to give confidence the best decisions are being made to improve the health of New Zealanders.

In developing these new measures the Ministry has been asked to consider the following criteria:

  • a mix of health system and population health improvement measures
  • alignment with government priorities, for example, child wellbeing and mental health
  • be quantified and timed
  • availability of data to monitor progress
  • sector engagement and support
  • focus on health issues with alignment to socio-economic determinants.

Once new measures are announced and finalised, they will be regularly reported on to the public. 

We will keep this page updated as this work progresses.

Current reporting

While work is underway to develop these new measures DHBs will continue to report to the Ministry against the current set of health targets, as well as against a previously established suite of wider measures. 

During this time we will only provide the raw data. We will not develop separate reports or infographics or advertise this information in newspapers.

See How is my DHB performing? for the latest data.

In this section

  • Information on the health targets: Shorter stays in emergency departments; Improved access to elective surgery; Faster cancer treatment; Increased immunisation; Better help for smokers to quit; Raising healthy kids. Read more
  • This section includes the Ministry of Health reports on quarterly progress towards achieving the previous agreed annual health targets with each district health board, covering the period July 2007 to Quarter 2 2020/21. Read more
  • Reports on primary health organisation performance against the primary care health targets. Read more
  • District health boards report their progress against the health targets four times a year. Their results are reported publicly. Read more
  • Publications relating to the health targets, such as the booklets highlighting innovative approaches to improving services covered by the health targets. Read more
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