Health targets

Five targets for the health system  

The Government has announced health targets for cancer treatment, childhood immunisation, emergency departments and wait times for first specialist assessments and elective treatment.

These targets will support the delivery of better health outcomes for New Zealanders and improve the performance of our health services throughout the country.

The Government plans to publish results quarterly beginning with Quarter One 2024/25. Having targets with regular reporting will help identify where there are problems which can be targeted for improvement.

Monitoring of health targets will sit within a wider suite of monitoring on health system performance by the Ministry.

The health targets replace the Health System Indicators.

Faster cancer treatment

90% of patients to receive cancer management within 31 days of the decision to treat.

This target drives better co-ordinated, faster quality care for patients with cancer.

The target: 90%

Improved immunisation

95% of children fully immunised at 24 months of age.

Countries such as Australia, the UK and Canada have a 95% target. It provides effective immunity for the New Zealand population.

The target: 95%

Shorter stays in emergency departments

95% of patients to be admitted, discharged or transferred from an emergency department within six hours.

Emergency department wait times provide a barometer for the health of hospitals and the level of pressure in the system. Flows through this system need to improve.

The target: 95%

Shorter wait times for first specialist assessment

95% of patients wait less than 4 months for a first specialist assessment.

Ensuring that New Zealanders get timely access when they are referred to a specialist is important so people have greater certainty about their conditions and whether they need further elective treatment.

The target: 95%

Shorter wait times for elective treatment

95% of patients wait less than 4 months for elective treatment.

Not all New Zealanders have access to elective treatment at the right time. People will now have certainty that they will receive treatment in a reasonable time.

The target: 95%

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