Accidents and personal injuries

Guide to eligibility for publicly funded health and disability services.


People needing treatment for personal injuries can be covered by ACC, regardless of their residential status. 

You'll need to complete a claim form at the time of treatment. The health service provider decides whether a claim should be lodged. The claim must be accepted by ACC before it will contribute to ongoing funding. 

ACC does provide cover for accidents that occur overseas but only to people ordinarily resident in New Zealand, and only in limited situations.

Criteria: B26, Health and Disability Services Eligibility Direction 2011

Proof of eligibility:

At the initial consultation, the health service provider decides if an ACC claim should be lodged.  If the treatment does not meet the ACC criteria, eligibility for publicly funded care must be determined, and you should be told of the expected cost, if any. 

When ACC accepts a claim for cover, you will need to provide details of this cover to any subsequent health service providers.

For more information on ACC, visit the ACC website.

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