COVID-19: Contact tracing locations of interest map

A map of places and times where the public may have been exposed to COVID-19. Locations are removed after 14 days.

We are not publishing new locations of interest

In Omicron Phase 3, we will not publish new locations of interest.

Case investigations will instead be focused on high-risk locations and household contacts.

  • If someone in your household tests positive, they should tell you.
  • Many people who test positive will complete our online COVID-19 contact tracing form.
  • Our contact tracing team may get in touch with you if you are a high-risk contact (for example, you have visited a hospital or aged care facility).

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms you should get a test immediately. 

Using the NZ COVID Tracer app is still important to help you identify where you have been and who you need to tell if you test positive for COVID-19. Even if your contacts do not have to isolate, they should still be told so they can make decisions for themselves.

Keep your Bluetooth on – notifications will be sent to people who have been close to someone with COVID-19.

View more information:

This information is also available through an API.

Note: not all locations can be mapped – for example bus routes – please refer to the full list of locations of interest

If you visited a location of interest during the relevant time, please follow the health instructions provided. Note that blue = close contact events and grey = casual contact events.

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