Work programme 2019/20

This section provides an overview of the Ministry’s strategic context, which drives what we need to focus on and achieve in 2019/20; the Government’s health priorities; Ministry of Health Output Plan 2019/20; and our organisational strategy.

Improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders

The Government is committed to improving the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their families. One of the key elements of Budget 2019 was that government agencies worked collectively on initiatives that are expected to have an intergenerational impact on New Zealand.

A large part of achieving the Government’s aspirations will be our ability as kaitiaki and stewards to inspire, drive and oversee change in the health and disability system. The system plays an important role in achieving three priorities in the Government’s plan.

  1. Make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child.
  2. Ensure everyone who is able to is earning, learning, caring or volunteering.
  3. Support healthier, safer and more connected communities.

Pae ora – healthy futures

The Ministry has worked with Ministers to identify the outcomes the health and disability system needs to collectively focus on to achieve Pae ora – healthy futures.

Pae ora is a holistic concept that includes three interconnected elements: mauri ora, whānau ora and wai ora, which provide the foundations for three health and disability outcomes that the Government want the system to achieve.

  1. We live longer in good health.
  2. We have improved quality of life.
  3. We have health equity for Māori and all other people.

Government priorities

The Minister of Health has five health priorities.

  1. Improving child wellbeing.
  2. Improving mental wellbeing.
  3. Improving wellbeing through prevention.
  4. Better population health outcomes supported by a strong and equitable public health and disability system.
  5. Better population health outcomes supported by primary health care.

Across these five priorities, there is an overarching goal of achieving equitable outcomes for all people. This recognises that people have differences in health that are not only avoidable but unfair and unjust, and that people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to get equitable outcomes.

Ministry of Health Output Plan 2019/20

The Ministry of Health Output Plan 2019/20 (pdf, 1 MB)(Word, 1.28 MB) sets out the Ministry’s commitments for the year. These commitments are focused on delivering the priorities agreed with the Minister of Health and will be measured through the achievement of milestones and targets.

Tā Tātou Rautaki Our Strategy

As kaitiaki of the health and disability system in Aotearoa New Zealand, we want a fair, effective and sustainable system that people trust – this is our mission.

The Ministry’s organisational strategy (PDF, 153 KB) specifies our contribution to achieving Pae ora – healthy futures by outlining our strategic and organisational capability objectives for the next three to five years.

Previous work programmes

The Ministry’s 2018 work programme (PDF, 622 KB) describes our previous set of priorities. This work programme addressed the recommendations from the 2017 Performance Improvement Framework review (PDF, 1.6 MB) of the Ministry of Health by the State Services Commission.

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