Reducing public harm from commercial sunbeds

Pre-consultation Draft Regulatory Impact Statement

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been prepared by the Ministry of Health. It was developed to inform policy decisions on whether to introduce new controls on sunbeds and other ultra-violet (UV) emitting devices used for artificially tanning skin.

Concerns about the safety of sunbeds are based on a mix of quantitative data and anecdotal evidence, which are summarised. However, there is little data about the size of the problem (in terms of number of people, including young people and those with high risk skin types, accessing sunbeds). There are no data on private ownership and use of sunbeds, or the rental or shared use of those sunbeds by others (e.g., individuals allowing family members or friends to use their own privately-owned sunbeds). The potential for this to undermine controls on supply of sunbed services is uncertain. During the planned consultation we will seek information on this.

For more information see the Reducing harm caused by commercial sunbeds consultation page.

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