Home and Community Support (Payment for Travel Between Clients) Settlement Bill

The Bill implements a negotiated settlement among unions, home and community support service (HCSS) providers, district health boards and the Crown providing for payment to HCS employees for travel between clients in the HCSS sector. Employees are entitled to payment, at the minimum wage, for qualifying travel time and a contribution towards travel costs (mileage). Exceptional travel for first and last clients and longer distances is also accommodated.

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) contains analysis of the options and likely implications of approving and implementing the settlement with or without legislation.  The analysis is based on estimates, average time and distance data and anecdotal information supplied by the parties to the negotiations. The preferred option of using legislation against alternatives of not using legislation enables certainty for all parties, eliminates the risk of future Court claims and ensures an enduring, affordable and sustainable solution.

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