Roles that have a statutory function

These roles have functions for which the Ministry must provide organisational support by law.

Roles with statutory functions include:

  • Director of Public Health
  • Director of Mental Health
  • Director of Intellectual Disability Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation.


Director of Public Health

The Director of Public Health (DPH) has a key statutory role, providing national clinical leadership for public health.

Under the Health Act 1956, the DPH has a statutory advisory role to the Director General and Minister of Health, in which independent advice can be given on any matter related to public health.

The DPH and their deputies also have a broader clinical leadership role, including professional oversight and support to medical officers of health (the majority of whom are employed in DHB-based public health units), as well as advice on public health matters more widely - within the Ministry, to the health sector, to other sectors, and working with international health organisations and Ministries of Health in other countries on international public health threats.

Director and Chief Advisor of Mental Health – Dr John Crawshaw

Dr Crawshaw took up the position of Director and Chief Advisor of Mental Health in November 2011. He is the Government’s principal advisor on Mental Health and is responsible for fulfilling several key statutory functions. He has extensive experience in a range of Mental Health services gained from working in the health system in both Australia and New Zealand.

View his full profile on the Chief Advisors page.

Director of ID(CC&R) (Intellectual Disability Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) and Chief Advisor of Disability Services – Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith took up the position of Chief Advisor, Disability, Director, ID(CC&R) Act in January 2014. She is the Government’s principal advisor on the development and in the implementation of the ID(CC&R) Act and the High and Complex Framework of supports. She oversees the various statutory functions that operate under the Act.

View her full profile on the Chief Advisors page.

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