Patients First

Patients First works with other health care organisations to improve the collection, use and reporting of health information. Its vision is ‘Better Health with Better Systems’.

It is a not-for-profit company initiated by three organisations wanting to improve the collection, use and reporting of health information across the continuum of care. They are:

  • Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP)
  • General Practice New Zealand (GPNZ)
  • Ministry of Health.

RNZCGP and GPNZ are the shareholding owners of Patients First.

Patients First works at a national level on a variety of projects delivering locally, including:

  • GP2GP: enables medical records to be electronically transferred from one GP to another. Every year in New Zealand, over 375,000 patient files are transferred between general practices
  • Health Quality Measures: With the support of the Ministry of Health and the Health Quality & Safety Commission, Patients First developed and maintains a work space to encourage collaboration around the sharing, development and evolution of health measures
  • National Enrolment Service: The future single source of truth for all national enrolment data, providing the capability to support practices by assisting in patient identification and eligibility assessments. Patients First has been working with relevant sector stakeholders on the development and rollout of the service.

Patients First also looks to develop new value-adding technical solutions for the sector, including:

  • HMael: a secure centralised electronic messaging system, built specifically for the New Zealand health sector.It is also available for those who work in sectors that interact with health, such as ACC, Social Welfare, Justice and Police, and enables the secure exchange of unstructured messages. HMael integrates with existing email systems and addresses patient privacy and enhances clinical safety.

For more information, visit the Patients First website.

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