Digital Advisory Board

The Digital Advisory Board provides the Director General of Health with advice on the emerging technology agenda.

The Digital Advisory Board (DAB) aims to help the Ministry understand the potential benefits of existing, in-progress and future digital and information-related technologies and to support the development of the strategies needed for their systematic uptake.

The DAB supports the Ministry to provide strategic system leadership and create the right environment for innovation while recognising the importance of the core infrastructure necessary to allow effective and efficient data and information sharing. The DAB also has a key focus on:

  • Helping the sector develop a better understanding of the emerging digital technology agenda
  • Encouraging and facilitating engagement with a wider range of organisations and partners to help identify and drive the innovation that will achieve better health outcomes.

The DAB recognises the key role of digital technology as an enabler in delivering better health care to New Zealanders. It is also aware of the importance of creating a framework that will support the successful delivery of innovation across the sector. Members of the Board recently presented this framework during the Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) conference.

The Board is keen to engage with passionate and motivated innovation leaders who can contribute to our digital future. In addition to scheduled engagements with the sector, the DAB wants to hear directly from people or organisations who believe they have something to contribute to this exciting agenda for change. In the first instance, you could email Ann-Marie Cavanagh.

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