Cancer Consumer NZ


Cancer Consumer NZ (CCNZ) provides the Ministry the voice of lived experience in the design of cancer-care pathways, systems and tumour standards.

CCNZ’s work programme scaffolds around the needs of the Ministry’s Cancer Programme each year, directed by the Ministry’s Cancer Services team. It has evolved to become more responsive and agile to the Ministry’s needs in recent times, from its early purposes of setting its own agenda and informing the Ministry of what it wanted to do. This is in direct response to the reality that the Cancer Programme should by and large be addressing the needs of the respective agendas of CCNZ members. As an example, for the Māori ‘voice’ on CCNZ, equity in service design and delivery is the chair’s goal. That is also a top priority for the Ministry.


CCNZ consists of cancer survivors, current journeyers and whānau of those who have lost their battle with cancer.

A small group of committed individuals, they are nominated to preside over CCNZ by the Cancer Regional Networks and/or as representative voices of the priority populations of Māori and Pasifika. The current chair of CCNZ is also CCNZ’s Māori ‘voice’.

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