Well Child / Tamariki Ora Programme Practitioner Handbook 2013

Revised 2014

Published online: 
11 April 2014
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The Well Child / Tamariki Ora programme is a package of health services offered to all New Zealand families and whānau for children from birth to 5 years. The Handbook helps and supports all providers who deliver Well Child / Tamariki Ora services in accordance with the Well Child / Tamariki Ora schedule.

The Handbook is complementary to the Well Child / Tamariki Ora My Health Book for parents.

The Handbook is divided into 6 sections.

Section 1 describes the The Well Child / Tamariki Ora programme schedule and service. It outlines the objectives of the Well Child / Tamariki Ora programme and shows how the service addresses the needs of Māori. It sets out the objectives of screening and surveillance of the schedule, as well as the principles of assessment.

Section 2 describes:

  • the people qualified to deliver the Well Child / Tamariki Ora programme and their associated competency requirements
  • cultural competency
  • the principle of informed consent in delivering health care services
  • the continuum of care between child health care providers, and transferring care from the lead maternity carer to the Well Child / Tamariki Ora provider
  • the needs assessment process, which informs the care plan and possible additional contacts and support.

Section 3 lists the components associated with each of the core visits (except for the final core contact, the B4 School Check, which is covered in detail in section 5). Where applicable, the components link to subsections of section 4, where greater detail is provided.

Section 4 details the parts of the schedule (except for those that are exclusive to the B4 School Check).

Section 5 covers the B4 School Check, the final Well Child / Tamariki Ora core check undertaken before the child begins school.

Please note there are new protocols for vision and hearing screening. The Handbook now reflects these new Protocols and the Ministry of Health 2009 National Vision and Hearing Screening Protocols have also been updated. A training video has been filmed to provide an online resource for VHTs to enable them to demonstrate best practice in the delivery of the vision and hearing screening programme. The video should be used in conjunction with the training that Vision and Hearing Technicians have as part of their ongoing competencies.

Section 6 provides information about how to support vulnerable parents with specific needs.

Publishing information

  • Date of publication:
    11 April 2014
  • ISBN:
    978-0-478-42800-1 (online), 978-0-478-428010-8 (ebook)
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    Ministry of Health. 2014. Well Child / Tamariki Ora Programme Practitioner Handbook: Supporting families and whānau to promote their child’s health and development. Revised 2014. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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    Only soft copy available to download
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