Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme consultation

Submissions close 5.00 pm, Thursday 18 April 2019.

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14 December 2018
Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme: Consultation document.

The Ministry of Health is seeking feedback on the draft of Therapeutic Products Bill. The Therapeutic Products Bill would replace the Medicines Act 1981 and establish a new regulatory scheme for therapeutic products. This includes medicines (including cell and tissue products) and medical devices. Natural Health Products (including rongoā Māori) will be excluded, as far as possible, as the Government is considering options for how these could be regulated as a separate process.

Recognising the complexity of the Bill, and the impact of the holiday period, the consultation period will run for four months, ending 18 April 2019.

The Bill can also be viewed online at the Parliamentary Counsel Office website.

Accompanying the Bill is the Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme: Consultation document. The purpose of this consultation document is to help you to understand the draft Therapeutic Products Bill and to seek feedback on the provisions and key policy matters in the Bill.

The design of the consultation document is intended to allow you to easily find the topics of interest to you and cater to differing levels of interest. The consultation document is divided into three main chapters:

  • Chapter A: Key features of the new regulatory scheme – this chapter describes the rationale for the Bill, what products it covers, and the main types of controls within the regulatory scheme

  • Chapter B: Content of the draft Bill – this chapter describes the parts within the Bill, provides additional explanations on more complicated provisions, and highlights the provisions that are different from the current regulatory approach

  • Chapter C: What the new scheme would mean for different sectors or health practitioner groups – this chapter explains what the new regulatory scheme would mean for the main sectors and health practitioner groups and highlights particular policy matters of interest. It includes a section for consumers/patients (including the disability sector) that focuses on those policy matters likely to be most relevant from their perspective.

How to have your say

The closing date for submissions is 5.00 pm, Thursday 18 April 2019.

Submissions can be made via our online consultation tool.

The Ministry’s preference is to receive submissions via the consultation tool. If you are unable to make a submission using this consultation tool, you can send in an electronic submission. It would assist our analysis if you aligned your responses to the consultation questions as much as possible. Please ensure you complete the submitter profile form and send in via email with your submission.

Email your completed submission and submitter profile form to Note, your submission may be requested under the Official Information Act 1982. If this happens, the Ministry will normally release your submission to the person who asks for it. If you consider there are good reasons under the Official Information Act 1982 to withhold it, please clearly indicate these in your submission.

Information forum

The Ministry held an information session to explain the draft Bill on 11 February. The focus of the session was to help those with an in-depth interest in the technical aspects of the new regulatory scheme to understand how the provisions in the draft Bill work.

The presentation, including an audio recording of the presentation, from this information session are available below

View presentation video featuring slides and audio

Listen to audio-only version of the presentation

Download audio-only version of the presentation (1 hr 14 minutes, mp3, 30 MB)

Information session slides (pptx, 486 KB)

Download a summary of the information session question and answers (Word, 17 KB)

Sector forums

In March we will be holding forums for the following sector groups: Medicines, Medical Devices, Cell and Tissue, Research, Pharmacy, General/Consumers, and Health Practitioners.

The purpose of these forums is to explain the aspects of the draft Bill that are particularly relevant to a particular sector and to discuss issues in depth. Thank you to those who have registered. We look forward to seeing you. Registrations for these forums have closed, but if would like to request a late registration please email to see if there are spaces still available.

In response to sector interest, we are now also holding a forum in Christchurch on 27 March 2019. This forum will cover the areas of relevance based on those that register. If you are interested in attending this forum please register your interest.


We may publish submissions on the Ministry's website, unless you have asked us not to. If you are submitting as an individual, we will automatically remove your personal details and any identifiable information. You can chose to have your personal details withheld if your submission is requested under the Official Information Act.

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